HUPD : Traffic Regulations

Lot 1 Interim Usage

Lot 1 Usage: Perimeter spaces: Faculty, staff, HUPD, visitors & HH Apts. Center aisle spaces: Graduate Students.

Grad Students Parking

Grad students park in the rear of Lot 41.

Parking Talking Points

Please be aware of some of the changes to authorizations in the following lots:

  • Lot 1 (Harbors Apt Overflow lot) Graduate Students, Faculty/Staff, Visitors
  • Lot 13 (Between Modulars/McGrew) Faculty, Staff, and Visitors
  • Lot 14 (End of Twitchell closest to water) Faculty, Staff, Resident and Visitors
  • Lot 15 (Alongside of Twitchell, Kelsey) Faculty, Staff, Resident and Visitors
  • Lot 16 (Between Ogden & VC) Faculty, Staff and Visitors
  • Lot 17 (Behind Student Ctr next to tennis courts) Grad Students and Visitors Parking
  • Lot 26 (Lot in front of Harkness) Grad Students and Visitors Parking
  • Lot 41 (Rear section of Health Center lot only) Grad Students

You can see exactly where these lots are on the University website at Simply click on the "parking" link on the left side of the page; then click on the particular lot you are interested in. Clicking on the "directions" tab will give you an aerial view the parking lot you can zoom in on.

Key Takeaways:

Pay attention to the signs. The signs indicate who can park in a given lot and when.

We will be enforcing the requirement for all registered students to register their vehicles if they wish to drive on campus. The lots servicing the Pharmacy School Annex and School of Continuing Ed are considered on campus.

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