HUPD : Parking Rules & Regulations : General

  1. The Parking and Traffic Regulations of Hampton University are designed to best maintain an orderly flow of traffic on campus and to best utilize the existing parking facilities. To accomplish these goals, it is necessary for all students, faculty and staff to become familiar with the regulations and abide by them. These regulations are applicable to all students, faculty and staff of the University and to all visitors.
  2. University Police Officers are responsible for the enforcement of these rules and regulations, and all records of parking and registration violations are maintained in the Traffic Administration Office.
  3. All vehicles are required to display current decals on front windshield and rear window. Vehicles that do not have decals or parking permits will be violated, wheel locked and then towed at the owners expense.. Parking permits may be obtained from the Traffic Administration Office, located in the rear of Whipple Barn.
  4. Decals are not transferable unless authorized by the Traffic Administration Office.
  5. Hampton University accepts no responsibility for a vehicle or its contents while parked or operated on University grounds.
  6. Faculty, staff and students will have their operation of a vehicle and parking privileges suspended for the remainder of the semester should they accumulate 3 unpaid parking tickets. Students will not be allowed to register for a future semester, graduate or obtain services from the university until all parking tickets are paid.
  7. Students, faculty, and staff who do not have a vehicle registered on campus cannot receive a temporary parking permit.
  8. Students needing to go to the Student Health Services must stop by the Traffic Administration Office, located in the rear of Whipple Barn, to get a temporary permit.
  9. University Police will not accept telephone calls from faculty, staff or students requesting parking out of their designated areas. You must come to the Traffic Administration Office to obtain a permit.
  10. All summer session students may park in any Resident or Commuter parking areas during the Summer Sessions with current decals. Grad Students must park in the Graduate parking areas only.
  11. Obtaining a temporary permit by false pretenses will constitute a $100.00 fine.
  12. Parking rules and regulations are in effect at all times, including holidays and university breaks.

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